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"Enough Content For a 10-Week Course"

I am a big admirer of Mariella and this course did not disappoint -- it is content-rich, full of concepts, indepth instructions and is laid out in a very easy-to-follow format.

It's intended to be enough content for a 10-week course. Mariella is a true dancer and teacher -- graceful, controlled, and easy to follow. Camera work and angles throughout are very helpful.

- Monique Sosa, Los Angeles, CA
Synergy Dance Studios


" Multiple Angles So You Miss Nothing! "

I love this DVD course. She starts slow with easy movements and speeds up as the DVD goes on, the movements getting more advanced. There is a dance section with clear instructions.

I have purchased other instructional belly dancing videos and had a hard time seeing the dancers movements. The instructions have multiple camera angles so you miss nothing! I have also been to one of her workshops and Mariella is just as amazing in person as on the video.

- Janie Mcginnis
Salina, KS


"Provides Proper Guidance and Explaination Of Techniques... "

I think it is important for instructional videos to provide proper guidance and explanation of the techniques. I never felt like she was moving too fast, and I appreciated the combination of technical and artistic explanations of the movements. It also never felt boring or slow.

Besides the quality instruction, this is shot very well: the camerawork and the voiceover are right on cue, and that is not easy to find. If you are interested in learning to bellydance, do yourself a favor and buy this.

- Nadine Perez, NY Dance Instructor
Albany, NY

"One of Those Courses That Makes A Difference, FAST and Permanently... "

I really appreciated the focus on form and technique, which is really what takes belly dance to the next level.

I've only had this for a couple weeks but I'm hooked and I know I will come back to it over and over again for its focus on the fundamentals, the advanced muscle control practice and instruction, and her graceful style. It's one of those courses that makes a difference fast and permanently.

- Shelia Delarosa
Ontario, Canada


"This is an EXCELLENT instructional course...Wonderful Tips and Visuals "

I am new to bellydancing and I have not found a belly dancing school in my area. As a result, I have slogged through a lot of instructional DVDs trying to find a good one. Let me tell you they are few and far between.

I want a class that is suitable for beginners yet complete enough for me to use as I get better. This is an EXCELLENT instructional course. The teachers gives you wonderful tips and visuals for learning the different moves.

- Kayla Haney
London, UK


"Great Job Breaking Down The Moves"

These videos are awesome! I have never danced before but I wanted to take belly dancing classes in the fall and I didn't want o go in there completely oblivious, so I ordered this. Mariella is so graceful and poised. Her teaching is very elementary and easy to catch on.

It does a great job breaking down the moves for those of us that have never taken a bellydance class before.

- Ruth Correa
Tamarac, FL


"Enjoyable Simply Because It Is Easy... "

Mariella is really good at teaching all the techniques. I love that she does a step by step lesson of all the movements and most of all that she takes the time to make sure your doing it right, by telling you how not to do it.

It is so enjoyable simply because it is easy and it will have you dancing right away! Since most beginners are eager to start dancing, this is a fun way to enter into the world of belly dance.

- Doreen Reyna
KZN, South Africa


"Probably The BEST Investment You'll Ever Make..."

I've bought many other courses and this is the best at teaching the basic and some advanced moves. Mariella is a great instructor and breaks it down very well for basic to intermediate instruction.

She is great at choreography and helps you learn to put moves together for the best flow and graceful movement. If you want to learn belly dancing, this would probably be the best investment you'll ever make.

- Olivia Winter
Kewanee, IL

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