The Swing Thing – BBC documentary on Swing and dancing – 21.02.’13

This documentary made by BBC goes through the history of Jazz/Swing music. From the early start in the beginning of the 20th century through the big band era…

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25 thoughts on “The Swing Thing – BBC documentary on Swing and dancing – 21.02.’13

  1. Just watched a great documentary on Swing music and dance, which includes
    interviews with many of my friends who are on the current scene. Dig It!
    The Swing Thing – BBC documentary on Swing and dancing – 21.02.’13

  2. some trivia….Ray Anthony was married to Mamie Van Doren . He wrote a song
    ” Marilyn ” for Marilyn Monroe…about 1953 I think .

  3. Emment Price says black folks sing and play because they can’t do nothing
    else.Well Emment if you do your history there are countless of black folks
    who did WAY more than singing and playing.There were lawyers,
    Doctors,inventors,statesmen, war heroes —who didn’t set on their butts
    and cry about what they couldn’t do.

  4. born too late and not born black…but man I would be at the Savoy every
    night if I was…probably be a groupie for the band too 

  5. I appreciate all of the modern artists who PLAY swing but… no one can
    beat Benny, Duke, and Glenn who PERFORMED swing.

  6. Nive Doco. Benny Goodman the World’s first Pop star turned “Swing” into a
    Global phenomenon ..

  7. I was really shocked that Robbie Williams live swing album did so well – I
    remember watching it & thinking how awful it was. I suppose for those who
    don’t know any better…..

  8. Nice documentary… minus the idiot who claimed people sing because they
    can’t vote, play instruments because of the legal system… he’s a typical
    non-musician who is obsessed with with jazz, but doesn’t understand it one
    bit. People sing and play because it sounds and feels great. People sing
    and play today and they vote. That’s the problem with self-appointed
    intellectuals who talk about something they can’t do and insert their own
    agenda into musician’s world.

  9. White, black, white, black, white, black, white, black, white, black,
    white, black – oh yeah, and in between we’ll squeeze in some commentary on
    music and dance.

  10. 30:00 This was probably the worst sound to play at loud volumes at night,
    and even worse if you freaked out and it went through the whole thing. God

  11. BBC’s The Swing Thing featuring Norma Miller and many others

    #Swing #LindyHop #Lindy #NormaMiller #Jazz 

  12. This was very nice, and informative. Misses some giant names – but it is
    the best that can be fitted into 90 minutes.

  13. Rufus Speedy Jones sounded much better with Basie then with Duke. He really
    swings there, but how could you miss with Basie!

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