24 thoughts on “Professional Dance: Flavia and Vincent’s Samba – Strictly Come Dancing – BBC

  1. I am no aficionado but I thought it was marvelous, the only thing that
    would have made it even better would have been the gypsy Kings themselves
    playing the music.
    Thank you Falvia and Vincent

  2. omg i love the gypsy kings listened to them for the whole 18 years of my
    life, never been happier to hear them

  3. Today! #Samba Workshop! Have no fear, we’re all beginners! Meet at 15:45 in
    room 302. Here’s a sneak preview of the workshop below…

  4. pelo menos nosso país esta sendo representado.E graças a deus nao é aquela
    porcaria de samba de avenida.

  5. The ladies that came in were dancing Samba, but the couple were actually
    doing a Rumba – Flamenco combo 

  6. Samba is a combination of African and Portuguese elements (with influences
    of italian opera and other elements, by the way) and this process happened
    only in Brazil. There is not “african samba”: samba is brazilian. By the
    way, samba is part of the brazilian cultural patrimony, as declared by the
    brazilian Ministry of Culture (MinC) and recognized by the UN. It emmerged
    in Brazil, thus it’s brazilian. Portuguese is from Portugal and this is why
    we brazilians speak portuguese.

  7. People who are Brazilian ARE of Portuguese descent. They are not of
    Hispanic descent. I AM Portuguese. Do a cursory google search. They are not
    Latin, Samba is not a Latin dance, and they are not part of Latin America.

  8. “…if you brazilians deserve it”. Haha, you take this discussion to a
    level where I don’t wan’t to go. I’m being polite and argumentative, I
    don’t wanna fight because of a misname, it’d be childish. When I watch a
    Gafieira video like this: watch?v=eNw_I5NdVNQ I see a lot of our samba in
    there and a strong trace of our culture, which is what’s most important.
    It’s possible that you don’t because you’re not brazilian and thus the
    samba that you know comes from books, videos and dance classes.

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