25 thoughts on “Pole Dancing for First Dance at Wedding

  1. That was really awkward and strange. Pole dancing has an erotic and sexual
    emotion about it, both mentally and physically. Not really something you
    want your parents, aunts and uncles being a part of, let alone viewing it.
    They should’ve saved that for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Way more
    appropriate audience and environment there. Tacky, and I believe they’ll
    look back and be like WTF..why’d we do that?

  2. Do they met at the strip club ;d? The first few moments of their “normal”
    dance were weird, they can’t dance together

  3. It’s different especially when the husband joined in but it was good and
    it’s their union so they was creative. 

  4. Your husben is crazy why is he pole dancing that’s for girls so tell your
    husben stop pole dancing

  5. Wow so many negative comments. Werent any of you taught manners? Or the
    generaluzed rule of ‘ if you dont have anythig nice to say dont say anyhing
    at all’ ? I think its awesome tht they had fun with it. Pole dancing isnt
    just meant for eroctic sexual adventures its also fun and great exceris.
    People need to get over theyre opinions. Its not just strippers who use
    poles anymore people.

  6. This is the strangest and coolest thing at the same time! Recently did pole
    dancing for my Hen. Do and I can say that these are amazing moves. Good on
    them for doing something different! 

  7. Schon cool gemacht und Respekt vor dem Können, aber mir persönlich gefällt
    es nicht so sehr, da nur Figuren aneinander gereiht werden und kein Tanz,
    keine schönen Übergänge passieren

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