Leigh Ann Pole Dance Diamond

Leigh Ann is bearing her heart in this video… Hope you all enjoy the show. Come check out Leigh Ann and biggest show in Pole Dancing Jan 26 2013 in downtow…

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25 thoughts on “Leigh Ann Pole Dance Diamond

  1. Wow, beautiful swan. Angelic and artistic. Just because it’s sensual or
    erotic does NOT mean its not art. 

  2. very beautiful and sexy. I don’t care what shoes she wears…I don’t even
    care if she IS a stripper… No body’s business she shared a talent she has
    and she did well. Just cuz some ppl think ill of this art form is not bad
    or shameful on her it is a reflection of their own shitty attitudes within
    themselves. In one strange way or another anyone who works a minimum wage
    job is taking it up the butt basically from a corporation.. at least she is
    in business for herself THAT’S SMART!

  3. Very beautiful and skilled. I wish you had told your Husband to fuck off
    and stayed with your cute boyfriend.

  4. so she’s really flexible and all but this is kind of boring choreography..
    Pole dancing can be really dynamic and exiting to watch, she’s just sitting
    in split and waving her hair all the time

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