25 thoughts on “Kaskade & EDX ft. Haley – Don’t Stop Dancing

  1. @1:10 you can see little bumps under the makeup. The skins pores are trying
    to breath. Women are beautiful without makeup. Minimal.

  2. That was a weird video.. I never knew there was music video to this song.
    Anyways, like the song :) 

  3. so… I did some research and found out that her name is Leila Mahadin and
    she is prettyyyy…. don’t care what some people say… she is very

  4. In my opinion, the ‘girl’ is actually a (lady)boy. And the video makes a
    lot of sense if you think like that.

  5. to be honest I think the video is about the girl being the girlfriend of
    the guy in blue as in 2:22 you can see he is kind of nervous because in my
    opinion its the first time the family sees the girl and the guy hopes the
    family will accept the girl.. which they do at the end. The old guy
    probably has the last word as the father and stuff… idk that my thought

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