25 thoughts on “HD video of Jeremy Fry – Celtics Fan Dancing to Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer at a Celtics game

  1. This is so cool. They start playing “Living on a Prayer” at a Celtics game,
    and this kid gets in the spirit. He starts dancing up and down the stairs
    and interacting with others in the crowd. At one point, he interacts with a
    little girl, and her father’s face just lights up with a huge smile. He
    even kisses one lady on the side of her head and everyone just laughs,
    smiles, and enjoys it.

    What a brave young guy to get out there and do that on the spur of the
    moment in front of all those people. What do you think?

    Ping +Jason T. Wiser since you used to be a dancer. :-) 

  2. that was an autistic seizure btw for the people thinking its “fake”

    MASSIVE EDIT: forget it, I read wrong. thought my source said “autistic”,
    but it was “authentic” . so +larisa ackov, prepare to like once again

  3. The hot blonde girl is totally digging it, yet the lardass 2 rows above is
    acting like he is too cool for it. Nice.

  4. The ” just do it” t-shirt guy really needs to take that shirt off because
    he isn’t the one ” doing it”. The dancer deserves it. I bet if he wore
    that shirt and danced like that an exec at Nike would have made a phone
    call to him. Anyways for that 2 minutes the guy lived life without any
    worries. And I bet some of you watching on youtube forgot about your
    problems for just a little while too. That is why we need more people like
    him in this world. Sometimes you just have to let off steam.

  5. Awesome video, made my morning.
    Who was the biggest tool in the video? Not the kid enjoying himself but the
    too-cool bro at 1:44 

  6. He Just Wanted To Watch The Game, But Then The Music Came On

    Please Follow: +Interesting Videos 

  7. Argument: The fat guy in the blue shirt might be a jerk in many of our eyes
    but he doesn’t deserve all this hate and here’s why. If we take our
    emotional fallacies out of the equation we’re left with 1. Fat Guy gets
    involved 2. Fat Guy doesn’t get involved (or) touched. Now it’s this easy:
    Do we respect his/her personal wishes as we should respect every ones or do
    we really get to take our personal judgement out on this guy by criticizing
    him and insulting him? I thought the greater majority of all of us are
    aiming for progress, not regression, as a human race/culture. “Personally,
    I think he’s a bit insecure and yeah a bit of a jerk”.

  8. I saw this done years ago by a ‘random’ and ‘unassuming’ fan at a dodgers
    game to the tune of Journey – Don’t stop believin.. And then saw the same
    guy do it again at another game just as ‘organically’. It is an oft
    repeated stunt at many sporting events now I presume. Still cool the first
    time I guess.. if you like shitty 80′s pop rock.

  9. I hate myself for not enjoying it and mainly going “he doesn’t even know
    the lyrics” :’c

  10. Why is that miserable guy wearing a “just do it” shirt? Doesn’t look like
    he ever just does anything. What a miserable excuse for a human being.

  11. He does look like a drunk nerd kid who is being on stadium for the first
    time. But yes, the video is still hilarious coz you don’t see that reaction
    very often. People are like candles, they burn well in the beginning but to
    the end the fire just gets smaller and smaller till it goes off. Cheers to
    those who keep burning throughout whole life!

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