25 thoughts on “Girls Dancing – Rihanna choreography Whats My Name FULL.avi

  1. the choreography is nice …. but you look lazy and it looks like your
    dance moves aren’t natural …. like you were forcing yourselves to dance
    :/ it’s a pitty because I think that you can do better ! Good luck thaugh

  2. Nice Moves, girls in the front, but you’re not letting yourself be
    naturally sexy!!

    I think I know why!!! There’s a bunch of 9-11 year old kids following your
    every gyration!! Yikes, just some things cross the line. Sensuality and
    Sexuality is beautiful- but it’s for ADULTS.

    Lil’ kids acting sensual is nauseating, no?? Let them keep their

    It’s great they’re being active and memorizing choreography, but why not
    practice CHEER or DRILL TEAM INSTEAD?? Sexy hip gyrations like this and
    stripper squats are disturbing to see lil girls do on you tube.

  3. Stop saying they are too young to dance like this, they can dance how they
    want. If everyone pays attention to the youth in their own family and not
    other people’s young, this generation wouldn’t be so “fucked up”

  4. too bad, I really have a lack of knowledge, has no future in the dance
    industry, sorry … traslate: muy malo, de verdad que falta de conocimiento
    tienen, ninguna tiene futuro en la industria del baile, lo siento… en
    cualquier idioma lo digo!!! – I say in any language.

  5. If they be trying to twerk………they can’t. And the one in the back with
    the brown pants can’t move her hips. LOL

  6. I love the dance. I just really hope everyone had good hygiene that day..!
    Lol alotta leg fanning action ! Lol

  7. Yah The Girls In the Back Make It Seem Bad Kinda. The Girls In The Front
    Did Good. :) -Im A Girl Btw. Im On My Dads Account

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