25 thoughts on “David Copperfield – Dancing Tie

  1. David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish, so if he wanted, he
    could make Chris Angel disappear. (Joking of course). David pays a fortune
    for each and every trick, so any master illusionist such as Chris Angel or
    David Copperfield would have great rapoire and respect for one another’s

  2. I’m not sure exactly how he does it but I know for a fact that the tie is
    no ordinary tie from a random guy. I went to one of copperfield’s shows a
    couple years ago and my father was pulled over by a stagehand before the
    show and was told to wear the tie and give it to David when we called for

  3. @lukassnakeman pshhhhh … lol, find a plastic box of this size and try to
    break it … good luck

  4. blue ninja most of the efects requires a gimnick, the idea of the singing
    tie was from hugo venezuela, but it requires to have it relly close of yoyr
    body and cover it whit a jacket, the solution of david copperfield of this
    is relly clever but i would like thet the tie floats. sorry by my english i
    am from latinoamerica :D

  5. @fedexmagic no, there are 2 songs being used in this illusion. The first is
    by Harold Faltermeyer and the title is “Diggin’ In” (taken from the movie
    “Fletch”), the second one is is by Harry Belafonte and the title is

  6. @bcampbell4987 I saw his show in MGM last week in vegas also. If you
    noticed, all the acts including the gentlment was identical ! Another word,
    it was staged ! Remember the hot blonde with blue dress ! That was
    obviously stage ! I bet to you that all of them were staged.

  7. Please, never ever use Chris Angel and David Copperfield in the same
    sentence. That is an insult for David Copperfield.

  8. I went to a show once and they dropped about 10 bouncy balls from the
    ceiling and people had to pass it around until the 1 minute mark. Whoever
    held the balls at that time would become volunteers. I can’t think of a way
    that could possibly be staged.

  9. Everyone should know it is all staged, but it mostly in the presentation
    and fun to watch.

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